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A New Project
January 9, 2012, 2:13 am
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I’m pretty sure I need a new project right now like I need an entire chocolate cake to myself. But, there must be a chocolate cake around somewhere, because I appear to have a new blog!

Here’s my story…

I tend to use the internet quite a bit when I’m trying to locate recipes. Then, I find something I like, use it once and can’t find the original site or printed page or whatever. I decided I needed some type of electronic filing system because my motivation to actually type of the recipe and put it in my recipe box is quite low…and my recipe box is quite unused.

Then, along came pinterest. I thought pinterest might solve my problem. Here I could “pin” recipes I want to try and also recipes I’ve tried. It quickly became apparent this approach was not without it’s problems. First of all, pinterest doesn’t seem to recognize one of my favorite recipe sites. Second of all, my online “recipe box” is still dependent on others maintaining their site and links. If something disappears, gets deleted, moves on, etc, my link to that favorite recipe is gone! That’s no good!!

My solution is this blog. Here, I can post my favorite recipes and the only person I have to rely on to make sure those recipes stay where they should is me. I can sort them into categories, tag them, repost them, edit them….as far as I can tell, it’s the perfect solution!

And so Bytes to Bites was created…..

Best of all, I get to share this with you, dear readers. There may only be…none…of you right now, but I’m hoping someone comes along soon and joins me in my quest. Perhaps you’ll have a recipe for me to try out and perhaps I can make your weeknight dinners a little more interesting than they were last week.

On with the adventure!


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